Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Macarons and Ganache

I finally picked up the courage to make these babies. In the past, I had tried, and it was a horrendous failure! I had everything that could go wrong with a macaron happen to me:

• Tops were cracked
• No feet (or at least inconsistent ones)
• Sticky Bottoms
and the list goes on.....

In my last failed attempt, I had some friends over at my home. The macaron batter was too runny and resulted in macarons which were so misshapen and ugly. Certainly not the perfect round delicate sweets which I had in my mind. I was so disappointed, didn't even want to create the filling and wanted to toss the whole batch away, but my sweet friends were so encouraging and gamely helped me eat up half the empty macaron shells. Awww....

It took me many weeks before I decided to be courageous and use my precious egg whites for another go. This time, I used the Italian Meringue method. I read and re-read the recipe many times, and made sure I followed every step, including the speed of my kitchen aid and the required mixing time in exact (well..close to exact) minutes. I piped these macs onto a non stick baking sheet and prayed to the macaron gods to grant me success. Voila! After 3 minutes of pacing to and fro to the oven, the little frilly feet appeared. I was so relived; I practically did a little dance. Now, I'm addicted and I need to find more recipes that will make use of only egg yolks, so I can have the whites for more macaron experiments.